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Best BMW Remote Control Cars

Remote control cars are a staple in any child’s toy collection – and rightly so as these toys offer the perfect balance between immersive playtime and a thrilling adventure. These cars come in a variety of models, with the most common ones being the BMW remote control cars. Being the exact replica of the original BMW vehicles, these toy cars serve as the perfect gift for kids that have a love for vehicles.

Since these cars come in a wide variety, Neo narrows down some of the best BMW remote control cars for you to choose from.

Best BMW Remote Control Cars

Several BMW replicas have been manufactured that resemble their original models down to the dot. However, some models stand out from the rest, which is why they have been narrowed down to the best ones available in the market.

BMW i8 Remote Control

Picture of BMW Remote Control Car

The BMW i8 RC car is an authentic 1/14 scale replica of the original licensed BMW vehicle. The car comes with a variety of features unique to this model such as a range of motions, LED headlights, and scissor doors that can be opened.

The wheels also encompass a number of mechanics such as shock absorbers and tight grip tyres. Moreover, the remote’s range can go up to 98 ft with a unique frequency of 2.4Ghz, meaning you won’t have to worry about radio interference from other remote controls.

The car’s unique LED lights also have their own unique mechanisms, with taillights and headlights that turn on depending on the reverse and forward motion. 

BMW Z4 Roadster

The Z4 Roadster is another one of the company’s officially licensed models for remote control cars, with a scale of 1/14 to the original one. The car comes with a striking interior coupled with a stunning finish on the exterior body. The car’s unique point is its convertible roof, which can serve as a dual look for the car. 

Other features include headlights and taillights that turn on depending on the car’s backward and forward motion. The tyres also come with a suspension feature to ensure the car can be driven on uneven terrain. However, the doors can only be opened manually.

The remote offers a control range of up tp 15 metres with a radio frequency of 2.4Ghz. What makes this car stand out is its almost life-like design, paying tribute to the original model that most petrol lover’s adore.


BMW toy cars are loved by both children and adults, as these miniature replicas have the potential to offer the feel of the real deal. With life-like exteriors and immersive functions, these model RC cars are a perfect gift for any motorsports lover – be it a child or an adult. With a wide variety of models available to choose from, you can easily find the right car for you.

Find some of the best BMW remote control cars at Neo and allow your loved ones to enjoy the thrill of vehicles.

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