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Elden Ring

All You Need To know about Elden Ring

Two artistic masterminds in their individual realms are coming collectively to make Elden Ring. First shown during E3 2019, Elden Ring is gently swapping the much-hyped Cyberpunk 2077 as the fiercest, most-awaited upcoming released game. But designers FromSoftware isn’t very available about details of this new venture. So what is the game, and what do […]


Amazon; In all its Glory.

AN INTRODUCTION With regards to innovation, one organization rules. Amazon ($AMZN). This revolution of innovation led by their CEO has been nothing short of amazing. As we all know starting out of a garage and now having the largest workforce employed around the world is a pretty astonishing achievement, let us now take a brief […]

Coronavirus: how to get through these times

The Most Effective Time to Take Out Those Video Games and Vinyl Records

Being stuck in lockdown during this pandemic has left everyone feeling bored and because of this irritable and unusually anxious. While board games had picked up a speedy hype during the start of the pandemic, they have eventually lost their charm. Board games such as monopoly and ludo along with other board games are a […]