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What To Look For If You Are Buying a Computer Gaming Chair

People who spend a lot of time in front of a computer inevitably accept that a computer gaming chair becomes a necessity for them. Gaming chairs- the right way to make your computer experience worthwhile. Ever since gaming chairs have come into the market there have been a lot of upgrades and eventually they’ve come […]

Gaming Computer Desk and All You Need to Know While Buying it.

Most people don’t know what a gaming computer desk is and what you need to consider while buying a gaming computer desk. What do you need to know whilst investing in a gaming computer desk When most people talk about gaming computer desks they usually imagine a considerably larger table with many allocated spaces for […]

Having the right kind of storage is an essential investment for every media enthusiast out there.

If you’re someone who has always loved to have the satisfaction of physically purchasing and then owning your media you would also be concerned about its safe keeping. Maintaining and preserving the collection is a stressful task but investing in the right kind of storage has you all covered on how to keep collecting without […]

Disc Duplication or Replication: How to Choose the Best Copying Method?

Understanding the difference between CD/ DVD duplication and replication is vital if you want to select the most effective and budget-friendly method of copying your discs. We often get asked what’s the difference between CD duplication and replication or which process has an edge over the other. The answer to that isn’t so straightforward because […]

Video Game Sales Skyrocket During Covid-19 Lockdown

While the COVID-19 crisis caused a global economic slowdown, the video gaming industry was thriving all around the world, especially in the UK.  During the peak months of May and April, video game sales broke all previous records. Moreover, the gaming sector was also successful at maintaining high engagement rates during the lockdown. Many new […]

Why Do We Still Collect Physical Music?

Music has been with us since forever – and it has changed organically through the decades. According to early archeological records, our ancestors used rocks and sticks to produce basic musical instruments. The oldest musical instrument we discovered was ‘Divje Babe’, a flute discovered in a Slovenian cave. So, music has been with us since […]

Happy Birthday to Pac-Man: An 80’s Legend That Transformed the Gaming Culture [For Good]

On May 22, 1980 something special happened. Namco tested Pac-Man, an eye-catching maze-chase video game with bright ghosts and flashing dot trails. The fact that the general public was quick to fall in love with this iconic arcade game came as no surprise. Pac-Man was something different. It was bright, dynamic and most importantly, it […]