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Are all CD jewel cases the same size?

When it comes to preserving and showcasing your cherished music collection or software installations, CD jewel cases play a pivotal role. These compact containers not only protect the delicate CDs inside but also serve as a canvas for artistic expression through cover art and inserts. However, have you ever wondered if all CD jewel cases are the same size? We will dive into the intriguing world of CD jewel case dimensions, exploring the standard sizes, variations, and reasons behind the differences.

What Size are CD Jewel Cases?

CD jewel cases, also known as CD jewel boxes or jewel cases, have been the quintessential packaging solution for compact discs since their inception. These cases are designed to accommodate a standard 12-centimeter (4.7-inch) diameter CD and provide protection against scratches, dust, and other potential damage.

The traditional dimensions of a standard CD jewel case are approximately 142 millimeters (5.6 inches) in height, 125 millimeters (4.9 inches) in width, and 10 millimeters (0.4 inches) in thickness. This classic design features a transparent plastic front cover, a removable tray with spindle hubs to hold the CD in place, and a rear cover typically reserved for track listings, credits, and additional artwork.

Are All CD Cases the Same Size?

While the aforementioned dimensions represent the standard size of a CD jewel case, variations do exist due to factors such as region, packaging requirements, and innovations in design. Here, we explore some notable differences in CD case sizes:

Slimline Cases 

As the name suggests, slimline CD cases are thinner than their standard counterparts. These cases are designed to reduce bulk and save space, making them a popular choice for promotional CDs, singles, and special editions. Slimline cases are usually around 7 millimeters (0.3 inches) thick, but other dimensions remain relatively consistent with the standard CD case.

Double CD Cases 

Double CD cases, also known as dual-disc cases, are designed to hold two CDs in a single case. These cases are wider than standard cases to accommodate the extra disc, typically measuring around 142 millimeters (5.6 inches) in width. The height and thickness of these cases remain similar to those of standard cases.


Digipaks are an alternative to traditional jewel cases, featuring a cardboard or paperboard outer shell instead of plastic. While not strictly within the realm of “jewel cases,” digipaks are worth mentioning due to their popularity. Digipaks come in various sizes and configurations, often featuring more elaborate designs and additional components like booklets or sleeves.

Mini CD Cases 

Mini CDs, which have a diameter of 8 centimeters (3.1 inches) instead of the standard 12 centimeters, require specialized cases. These mini CD cases are smaller and more compact, designed to snugly hold the smaller discs. The dimensions of mini CD cases vary but are generally smaller than those of standard cases.

Cardboard Sleeves 

In an effort to reduce plastic waste and offer eco-friendly alternatives, some CDs are now packaged in cardboard sleeves. These sleeves vary widely in size and design, offering a minimalist and environmentally conscious approach to CD packaging.

Region-Specific Variations 

Different regions and markets may have specific packaging preferences and requirements. This can lead to variations in CD case dimensions. For instance, Asian markets often feature slightly different case dimensions compared to Western markets.

Special Editions and Collectibles 

Special edition CDs, collector’s editions, and limited releases often come in unique packaging. These cases can vary greatly in size, shape, and materials, as they are designed to enhance the value and appeal of the product to dedicated fans and collectors.

In conclusion, while the standard CD jewel case dimensions of 142 mm x 125 mm x 10 mm have remained a consistent norm, variations do exist to accommodate different needs and preferences. From slimline cases to mini CD cases, the diverse array of CD packaging options reflects the evolving demands of the music industry, consumer preferences, and the desire for innovation.

As technology continues to advance, physical CDs may become less common, leading to further experimentation in packaging design. However, the nostalgia and allure of physical media are likely to ensure the presence of unique and creatively designed CD cases for years to come. Whether you’re a music enthusiast, a collector, or someone who appreciates artful packaging, the world of CD jewel cases offers a rich tapestry of sizes and styles to explore.


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