7 Of The Best Albums You Can Now Buy On Vinyl

As you no doubt already know, vinyl is staging a serious comeback as people look to reconnect with their music in a more tangible, physical away. As convenient as digital downloads are, they lack a certain romance that only vinyl records can provide. So what can you buy on vinyl these days if you’re looking to build up a collection that rivals that of your parents? Here are just some of the latest releases that might float your boat. Space Jam soundtrack Looking for the most hipster addition to your collection ever? Let it be this one! The soundtrack was originally released on vinyl back in 1996 and according to NME is something of a rare find, with some selling for hundreds of dollars online. But now you can own your own vinyl records for a fraction of the cost! Hits like Fly Like An Eagle, The Winner, I Believe I Can Fly and I Turn To You will be music to your ears. Demon Days If you’re a Gorillaz fan, then you’ve got to get Demon Days on vinyl storage– and luckily, it’s set to be reissued in April, pressed on double translucent red vinyl and an art print and sticker pack included in the package. Perfection! Hammersmith Odeon ‘75 Great news for Bruce Springsteen fans – when Record Store Day 2017 rolls around (April 22nd, just in case you’ve forgotten), you’ll be able to pick up your very own vinyl storage version of the E Street Band’s Hammersmith Odeon ’75 recording, the first time it will ever have been pressed to vinyl. Keep your credit card handy though as only 3,000 copies are going to be sold. Cracked Actor and Bowpromo Parlophone has also announced that it’ll be releasing two limited editions David Bowie albums on vinyl, Cracked Actor (Live in Los Angeles 1974) and Bowpromo. Hits include Rebel Rebel, Space Oddity, It Ain’t Easy, Quicksand and Kooks. Can’t wait for this one! Labyrinth soundtrack Speaking of Bowie, you can also now apparently get yourself a vinyl record version of the Labyrinth soundtrack, although you’ll have to wait until May for the pleasure. Interstellar Overdrive Pink Floyd is also getting in on the act by releasing Interstellar Overdrive, a mono instrumental recording of the 1966 track on heavyweight 180-gram vinyl records. Previously unheard before now, the track is 14 minutes 57 seconds long – so definitely worth the investment! The Beatles Vinyl Collection Perhaps not the way you might usually pick your music up, but publishing company De Agostini has just launched The Beatles Vinyl Collection, a 23-part series of magazines that come with a copy of a Beatles album on 180-gram vinyl records. The first issue will be on sale for £9.99 with a copy of Abbey Road. From issue two, the cost rises to £16.99 for issues with single albums. Sounds pretty good to us. Need a new 7 inch record box for all your new albums? Check out our online shop now.

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