5 Vinyl Storage Tips That Will Make Your Records Live Forever

Vinyl records defied extinction by making a comeback in the recent past. This wonderful invention is there to stay and as long as vinyl storage is still in vogue, you can continue enjoying the flawless audio quality and seamless musical notes. There is only one catch though. Even the best Vinyl records are sensitive to extremities in temperature and humidity. Dust and stains are their biggest enemy and prolonged exposure to sunlight can adversely impact the audio quality. Sure, you can continue enjoying them but for them to stay on your shelf, you need to take care of them. That brings us to the expansive topic of vinyl storage. The 5 tips given in this article will help you keep your vinyl records scratch, hiss and warp free:

Be careful when handling your records

This is important because vinyl labels contain music on grooves. Touching a record’s shiny surface can leave fingerprints all over it. Your fingers may also ruin the audio quality by leaving residues of dust and grease on the record grooves. There is also a chance of your nails leaving tiny scratches on the record surface. Tip: While handling a good vinyl storage , avoid touching its reflective surface. Instead, place your fingers either in the center of the label or on its edges. This way, you can hold it up without interfering with its audio output.

Store your records in a cool, dry and preferably dark place

As we mentioned earlier, prolonged exposure to heat, damp and direct sunlight can have a disastrous effect on your vinyl collection. If you are stowing away your collection for the long term, make sure the space you pick for record storage is not near a source of heat. Avoid storing records in humid places like basements. If you live in a sunny area, it is not advisable to utilize windowsill shelves and alcoves for vinyl storage. Pick a darker spot instead.

Do not store your vinyl records horizontally

We recommend that you store your vinyl in an upright position, much the same way books fit in a bookshelf. Since vinyl records are bulkier than rest of audio mediums, piling them up horizontally can cause uneven pressure to build upon their surface. This can cause warps and warping is a vinyl lovers worst nightmare. It occurs when vinyl records bend out of shape and become unplayable. You want to avoid that so consider using a shelf or a storage box for vinyl records that keeps your records upright.

Avoid using paper sleeves

There is ample evidence that storing your records in paper sleeves over a long period of time can damage them. Vinyl records can slip around in paper sleeves because they are not gripped in place. This can cause its surface to sustain scratches. Storing your 7-inch vinyl records in paper sleeves for a long time can also cause dust stains. Tip: When looking for sleeves, rule out paper sleeves and opt for polypropylene sleeves instead. More commonly known as poly sleeves, these sleeves are a more durable and safe option for vinyl storage. They guard against dust and prevent paper scratches.

Consider investing in a cute vinyl storage flight case

Vinyl storage cases are great for larger collections. Durable and sturdy, these specialized flight cases have lined walls and special sleeves to provide maximum protection to your vinyl records. Vinyl flight cases are usually crafted from lightweight metal so you can easily carry your records around. The best part is that these robust boxes can hold up to 50 to 500 vinyl 7-inch vinyl records and help you save space. Also, they are simply adorable so your collection is kind on eyes.

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