5 Tips for Enjoying a Healthy Gaming Session During the Lockdown

It was a proud moment for all the gamers around the world when the World Health Organisation (WHO) introduced its #PlayApartTogether campaign  to limit physical interaction and encourage people to remain connected during this outbreak.

Its almost been a month we’ve been in lockdown and most people are running out of things to do – but some of us (a shout out to all the gamers out there!) have mastered the art of keeping ourselves well-entertained, busy and healthy.

Whether you’re an avid gaming enthusiast or you recently took to gaming (out of lockdown blues/boredom), staying healthy during your binge gaming sessions is still very important, especially since the lockdown has made everything so surreal.

So, here are 5 tips for enjoying a wholesome and healthy gaming session during the COVID-19 lockdown:

  1. Eat Healthy & Stay Hydrated

Have you coordinated with your gaming buddies to set up a binge session? The best thing you can do to prepare for your gaming sessions is to make sure that you’re completely distraction-free. Get the basics out of the way before you move on to setting up your station. After all, nothing feels worse than having to give up your console at a crucial point because of a growly tummy.

Establish a healthy meal plan and stick to it. Make sure you include food that’s light (so you don’t crash) but filling. This is also a great time to include some immunity-boosting vegetables and fruits in your meals. Yogurt, berries and citric fruits are a great idea.

Also, remember the snacks. We all tend to get a bit hungry during late-night binges, so it makes sense to be prepared. Instead of snacking on junk food, opt for something a little healthier. Replace the chips on your gaming desk with fresh fruits, leafy veggies, and nuts.

You also need to stay hydrated so make sure you have water nearby so you can sip it whenever you’re thirsty. Energy drinks and other such sugary drinks are mostly unhealthy so replace them with citric juices such as orange juice instead.

  • The Setting & the Ergonomics

If you’ve been gaming a long time, you probably have this one figured out already but if you’ve only recently started gaming, having the right gaming space is important.

For starters, find a comfortable, quiet and distraction-free zone where you can completely immerse yourself in the gaming experience. Remember, gaming is all about focus and that’s why you want to set up somewhere you can relax and be completely at ease.

Gaming is fun and we often find games that make us forget our surroundings – but its also equally important to remember that our bodies are still there. Sitting in an uncomfortable posture for hours will not just keep you from fully enjoying your game, it can also result in nightmarish backaches and neck strains.

That’s why you cannot overlook ergonomics when setting up a gaming station. Ergonomic furniture is specialised furniture that is designed to keep you comfortable and improve your overall efficiency. So, if you’re going to be spending long hours in front of your PC, be it for work or gaming purposes, it makes sense to get an ergonomic computer gaming chair  and provide extra support to your body so you can work or game without a worry in the world.

An ergonomic PC gaming chair adapts to the natural contour of our body and provides extra support to the back & neck region to ensure good posture and maximise comfort. A PC or computer gaming chair keeps the body upright without making it uncomfortable. It is highly adjustable and some chairs even come with removable armrests.

PC gaming chairs  are available in a wide range of colours, makes and designs so you can easily find the best gaming chair to suit your needs. Pair your PC gaming chair with a gaming computer desk and you’re good to go!

  • Rest Your Eyes

Most gamers forget this one but its really important. Remember, your goal is to game to the best of your abilities and enjoy every bit of it. If you’ve been staring at the screen non-stop for hours, it can make you feel a little groggy and inactive.

It can also tire your eyes and mind out – and that’s not just unhealthy, it will also significantly affect your ability to play. That’s why its vital to punctuate long gaming binges with little breaks where you can simply rest your eyes.

Think you’re up for a long gaming session? Lean back on your PC gaming chair and plan; make sure you’re not forgetting to include a relaxing 10-20 minute break for every hour you game.

  • Take a Stretch Break

Whether you’ve been working for hours, gaming for hours or both, being hunched over your PC/console for hours can’t be great for your body. That’s why it’s quite essential to stay active and remember to exercise. We’re all allowed one exercise session/walk a day, so now is a great time to make use of it. Go for a walk to avoid cabin fever or look up some basic stretches so you can relax your muscles.

It’s a good idea to set up a 15-minute exercise break every hour and do some yoga, running stretches or any other form of exercise that you like.  Not only will exercise tone your body up, but it will also help you remain more alert and focused.

  • Rest!

Let’s be honest. There comes a time in every gamer’s life when they’re too engrossed in a game to put their controller down.  We’ve all been there and a nighter here or there doesn’t hurt but don’t make a routine out of it or it can have serious consequences for your health.

Being sleep deprived means you won’t be able to fully focus and it’s very likely that you won’t perform as well. That’s why if you have an all-night binge coming up ahead, you need to prepare for it. Try to spend a relaxed day and minimise your screen time before a binge. Nap and get plenty of sleep before and after your gaming season to stay healthy!

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