3 Tips for Healthy Gaming

Gaming is lovely. It enhances memory, improves our cognitive abilities and is a great way to learn new things. It provides us with an outlet and helps us unwind and relax. But this relaxing experience can go awry too and gamers know what we are talking about. Binge gaming or long gaming sessions can tire our body up and if we do not pause to care for ourselves, our health suffers.

You should also look into replacing your regular chair with a special racing gaming chair Here are three simple steps you can take to make your gaming sessions healthier and more productive:

Rest your eyes

Resting your eyes is very important, especially during long gaming sessions. Staring at your screen all day long can wreak havoc on your eye health. There is even a word for the headaches, eye pangs and fatigue gamer experience; digital eye strain. Eye strain occurs when our eyes are simply exhausted and can take no more. Yes, like most of our organs, were not made to remain functional all the time. That is why we blink and sleep. Problem is, when we are gaming, we forget to blink. Keeping your eyes open can dry them up and cause long term damage. In order to minimise the risk of eye strain, work on the lighting of your gaming setup to decrease the monitor glare and take small breaks to rest your eyes. You might find the 20-20-20 rule helpful; every 20 mins, tear your eyes away from the screen and look at an object 20 ft away for 20 seconds then blink.

Do your back a favour and get a racing gaming chair

Backache, shoulder ache and exhaustion are unwanted by-products of gaming. Slouching in a regular chair for hours means that you are not focusing on your posture. This can cause muscle strain and severe backache. That is why it is highly recommended that you take small ‘walk-around’ breaks. You should also look into replacing your regular chair with neo racing gaming chair. Gaming chairs make use of basic ergonomics to eliminate the risk of backache. The backrest in these gaming chairs is considerably higher than the back panel in regular chairs. This allows these chairs to provide extra support to your shoulders, upper back, lower back, neck and muscles while pushing your body in an upright position. Racing gaming chairs are also highly adjustable which means more comfort options for gamers.

Invest in a gaming computer desk

Not a lot of people know that a gaming desk can also help with retaining a healthy body posture and reducing eye strain. Gaming computer desks, as the name suggests, are crafted especially for gamer. Most gaming computer desks are customization as well as adjustable which means that you can adjust their height to set the vision level. Gaming computer desks also have added features such as retractable drawers that you can remove to increase leg space, rotatable armrests and cable management holes. All of these can allow you to sink in comfortably and enjoy your gaming session. We hope that these tips will help your game without compromising on your health. Visit Neo Online for quality gaming equipment and hardware!

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