3 Convenient CD Storage Tips for Large Collections

Compact discs are an amazing medium to store large amounts of textual and visual data. Whether we have to back up our hard drive, share movies with friends or keep our vacation photos safe and sound, CDs are a great option. There’s a catch though. Believe it or not, your CDs are made up of material that is sensitive to various environmental factors like dust, damp and direct sunlight. CDs are also highly fragile so they need to be handled and stored carefully. The smallest of scratch or dust stain can render them useless. The good news is that if you keep your discs safe using a few basic CD storage techniques, they will last for a long time. Taking care of CDs and keeping them organised is not difficult, even if you have a large collection. It just requires a bit of time, investment and creativity. This article is for CD enthusiasts who have large collections. If you’re always losing CDs to clutter, damage or dust, use our top 3 CD storage tips to proactively take charge of the situation and put your collection in order. Here are 3 budget-friendly and simple CD storage tips for large collections: 1.Replace Paper/Card Sleeves with Poly (pp) Sleeves If you have a huge collection, it is very likely that you are going to be storing some of your discs for a long time. Instead of shoving them in paper or card sleeves that begin crumbling into dust over time and leave scratches on the surface of your disc, use poly sleeves instead. Poly sleeves, more commonly known as pp sleeves or plastic sleeves, are made from high-quality anti-static plastic. Unlike paper sleeves, pp sleeves have a smooth and lined interior to keep your compact discs scratch-free. They are also considerably long-lasting compared to paper sleeves. 2.Use Plastic CD Cases for Long-Term Storage Another CD storage unit you can use for long-term storage is a simple plastic CD case  or a jewel case. Jewel cases are very safe for discs because they are smooth with grooves in the center that grip your disc into place and keep them from slipping inside the tray, so you don’t have to worry about surface scratches. Compared to sleeves, plastic CD cases are more durable and long-lasting. They’re made from high-quality plastic that keeps discs safe from dust. Plastic CD cases also have an upper hand over basic CD sleeves and packaging because of aesthetic reasons. Each case comes with a transparent lid in which you can insert corresponding CD artwork or labels. If you have a large collection, you also want to make sure that everything is neatly labeled and organised. This way, you won’t be losing or misplacing discs and you won’t have to go through the irritating and time-consuming process popping unidentified discs in your PC every time you’re looking for a specific CD. Plastic CD cases work best for this purpose because you can easily insert labels in their transparent lids. 3.Invest in a CD Storage Box or Wallet If you have a huge collection, your CD storage unit of choice should be a CD storage box or wallet with enhanced capacity. Not only would a CD wallet or box reduce the CD clutter in your living space but it would also provide reinforced protection against sun, moisture, and dust bunnies. Specialized CD storage units like CD flight cases and storage boxes work best for large collections. They are made from lightweight yet sturdy metal so they’re portable. CD storage boxes  are also compact in shape and that’s why they’re ideal if you want to save space. Their interior is often lined with soft material to minimise the risk of disc scratches. The best thing about CD storage boxes is that they keep your discs upright. Their capacity depends on their size. Large CD storage boxes can hold up to 1000 discs. CD wallets are another option you should look into if you have a massive collection. CD wallets are reliable and compact in shape. They come with inbuilt quality sleeves that protect your discs against all kinds of damage. Leather  or nylon CD wallets are also designed to look sophisticated. What we love about CD wallets is that you can carry them on you even when you’re travelling!

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