3 Amazing Data Storage Products by Kodak

When it comes to optical data storage mediums, Kodak Shop is not a name we can forget. Eastman Kodak Co gained fame as a pioneer in the photography industry but that is not Kodak’s only strength. Another field this corporate giant excelled in is data storage. Did you know that Kodak was the first player in the industry to introduce photo CD which could hold up to 100+ digitized images? Good news for us is that Kodak did not stop there. It continued introducing innovative products and hardware to make data storage easier for us. Kodak discs, due to their capacity and writing speed have now become a data storage staple. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the best optical data storage options Kodak shop has to offer:
  • Kodak Recordable CDs (CD-R)
Kodak discs are a safe and relatively inexpensive method of storing data. Each disc can store up to 700 MBs of data or 80 minutes of video. Kodak compact discs are a great option for storing data, music, movies and photos. So, if you are wondering where to archive your vacation snaps, try Kodak CDs. The maximum writing speed for Kodak CDs is 52x. Most value packs offered by Kodak contain 50 CDs. You can pick a plain Kodak CD-R pack which contains CDs bearing the Kodak logo or you can go for an inkjet printable CD-R value pack. Printable CD-Rs have an inkjet-friendly surface that allows you to customize your CDs by printing on their surface.
  • Kodak Blank Blu Ray Discs (BD-R)
Kodak Record-able Blu Ray Discs (BD-R) are a foolproof data storage medium.  Blank blu ray discs are suitable for storing large amounts of data.  A blank Blu Ray discs by Kodak can hold up to 25 GB of data. Kodak blank Blu Ray discs are best for backing up your hard drive. Blu Ray discs are also great for storing high definition (1080p) movies and videos. Since these discs are write-once, your data is unalterable once you transfer it on the discs. The maximum writing speed for Kodak BD-R is 6x. Blu ray DVD contains 50 record-able discs.
  • Kodak Dual Layer DVD + R DL
Plain DVDs can hold six times as much data as CDs but dual layer DVD discs take it up a notch! Dual layer DVDs can hold roughly twice the amount of data a plain DVD can. A single Kodak dual layer DVD can hold up to 8.5 GBs of data or 240 mins of videos. Dual Layer DVDs are the perfect pick if you want to store pictures, music, movies and huge amounts of data. The maximum writing speed for these DVDs is 8x. Dual Layer DVD available at Neo Online, contains 50 record-able DVDs in a cake box spindle. These professional grade discs have inkjet-friendly top coats so you can easily customize them by printing on their surface. About Neo Media Neo Online is your one-stop shop for media and data storage solutions. We have been fulfilling the storage needs of individuals and businesses in the UK for over a decade now. Neo Media’s collection features quality media storage options including CD cases, DVD storage units such as DVD storage boxes, cases, sleeves, vinyl storage boxes and more. We also specialize in data storage solutions. Our wide range of data storage and archival media includes everything from Kodak discs to blank blu ray discs, dual layer DVDs and photo CDs.

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