16 Tips on DVD Storage and Handling

DO’s and DON’T’s of DVD Storage

DVDs have been our friends for long. Times changed but they stuck around, refusing to go obsolete. A lot of people assume that DVDs are durable and long lasting for that very reason. In reality, though, DVDs are one of the most fragile and sensitive media for your data. They can last long, sure but only if you take adequate steps to care for them. DVDs can store up to six times as much data as CDs and so the stakes are higher. Physical damage such as scratches and cracks can ruin your disc and like most discs, DVDs are also sensitive to extremities in temperature, humidity and dust.  

  • Handle your DVDs more carefully than you handle your CDs: DVDs may appear more rugged but they are just as fragile, if not more. Be gentle with them and do not touch them needlessly.
  • Avoid touching the disc’s reflective surface. Instead of touching its flat surface, grip your DVD either by its middle hole or place your fingers around its edges to hold it up.
  • To remove DVDs from their package, press the center groove of your DVD case instead of pulling your DVD out.


  • Store your DVDs in a cool and dry environment; the ideal temperature range is 4°C to 19°C (39°F and 66°F). The relative humidity level should be between 20 to 50 per cent
  • Return your discs to their DVD jewel cases when you are done using them.
  • Store your DVDs in an upright position to avoid warps.
  • Consider investing in specialized DVD storage units if you have a huge collection. These carry cases are lined with soft material and quality sleeves that will hold a large number of DVDs in an upright position.
  • Get a small DVD storage unit for smaller collections. You can place your DVDs in their jewel cases and then store them upright in a DVD storage box for optimal protection.
  • Keep food and beverages away from your DVD collection


  • Store your DVDs in paper sleeves: Paper sleeves do not prevent discs from slipping inside the envelope and retaining friction. Use a DVD case with a gripping groove or a DVD storage unit with sleeves instead.
  • Store your DVDs in horizontal stacks. This can apply uneven pressure on the surface of your DVDs and cause warps.
  • Leave your DVDs uncovered in prolonged sunlight. Yes! Not even on your car’s dashboard. Sun and dust can both prove to be fatal to your discs
  • Store your DVDs near a source of heat

We hope you found this guide on best DVD storage and handling helpful. If you’ve got any tips to add, we would love to hear from you in our reply section. About Neo Media Neo Online is your one-stop shop for media and data storage solutions. We have been fulfilling the storage needs of individuals and businesses in the UK for over a decade now. Neo Media’s collection features quality media storage options including one of the best CD cases, DVD storage units such as DVD storage boxes, cases, sleeves, vinyl storage solutions, accessories, choice computer hardware and more.

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