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About Us

Leader in consumable media items 

Neo Media has been at the centre of the changes in CD/DVD media storage since its start in 2001, making a name for itself in the field. Even after over 14 years, Neo Media is still regarded as one of the most reliable brands in the media storage sector.

Regarding media technology, Neo Media stands out because we focus on the needs of our customers. This gives our goods a lot more value than those of our competitors. As early adopters in the field, we are known for our part in creating and selling new products, especially in developing the CD/DVD storage product family.

World-famous for our high-quality production methods, our dedication to quality guarantees consistently high-quality products that last longer than others. Neo Media continues to push the limits of CD/DVD and vinyl media storage, making it easy for the company to adapt to changes in the market.


Innovative and advanced products 

Explore our product categories to discover the latest in:

CD & DVD Cases: Explore our vast selection of cases, each made to protect and organise your things perfectly.

CD & DVD Sleeves and Wrap: Discover a wide variety of fashionable, practical, and protective wraps and sleeves.

Vinyl Storage Cases: Explore our range of storage boxes designed to meet the needs of vinyl fans who want style and functionality.

Inks & Photo Paper: Experience better printing with our high-quality inks and photo papers, which are great for recording and keeping memories.

Gaming Accessories: Participate in the gaming world with our gaming accessories, which will improve your setting.

Discs: Discover a wide range of discs for various applications, ensuring excellent performance and dependability

Neo Media invites you to discover our world of new ideas!